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Angeleta Christopher
September 28, 1974 Married 3
I also have a sister Cashenia who has 1 child and lives in Viera, FL and a brother Leroy who lives in NY Send Angeleta  a MessageSend Angeleta a Message
Tawana Evans (Evans-Griffin)
Management Married 3
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Robin Heyward (Heyward Bradham)
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September 15, 1976 Program Registrar Divorced 3
I'm the 2nd child of Veronica Delores "Lolo" Snowden Heyward, the granddaughter of Roosevelt & Pearl Snowden.  Send Robin a MessageSend Robin a Message
Andrea Johnson
July 19, 1972 Government Consultant Committed Relationship 4
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james johnson
retired Married 2
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Troy Johnson
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Military Married 1
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Antonio Johnson, Sr.
March 02, 1976 Armored Service Tech. Married 3
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Antilla "Punchy" Jones
Investigator for Children's Services Single
I'm The son of Norman Jones, the grandson of Cleo Jones and great grandson of Mary Snowden Taylor. I work and reside in NYC. I'm a college grad with a degree in Criminal Justice & Psychology. I wasn't able to attend the last reunion but I'm really looking forward to seeing and meeting all of my family this year. Send Antilla "Punchy"  a MessageSend Antilla "Punchy" a Message
Rommell Jones
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Process Coordinator - Assoc. Single
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Tyquan Kelly
February 22, 1989 College Student Committed Relationship
 Great grandson of Cleo Jones and great great grandson of Mary Snowden Taylor Send Tyquan a MessageSend Tyquan a Message
Tyquan (Ty) Kelly
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February 22, 1989 College Student (Criminal Justice) Committed Relationship
 Great great grandson of Mary Snowden, and great grandson of Cleo Jones. Send Tyquan (Ty) a MessageSend Tyquan (Ty) a Message
Trina Lawton
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March 22, 1963 Certified Behavioral Technician Hoistix by the sea Divorced 1
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Pearl Snowden (Reid)
Retired English Professor Married 2
I am a proud granddaughter of Dave and Eliza and daughter of their son, Roosevelt (Doney) and his wife Pearl. I love the Snowdens and know that we're doing great things in this family.
I've got to let my children, my sisters and brother, my nieces and nephews, my cousins, my friends and associates and the WHOLE WORLD know about our family website.
Much love and power to the Snowdens.
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Angelouise (Angie) Richardson
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February 11, 1940 Retired Married 2
I am the oldest daughter of Cleo Jones and the oldest granddaughter of Mary Snowden Taylor. Send Angelouise (Angie) a MessageSend Angelouise (Angie) a Message
Rose Eryka (Seymour)
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Student/Stay at home Mother Committed Relationship 3
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Michael Joseph Snowden
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Male Correctional Officer - GA DOC Married 3
It's all about FAMILY!!! Send Michael Joseph a MessageSend Michael Joseph a Message
Trenika Stovall
Female Scheduler/Planner Committed Relationship 3
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Audrey Whiting
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Female Environmental Service Manager Married 3
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